Heart for the City: Transforming Communities and changing lives. Through Grace and Favour.

For Ten years Heart for the City has worked consistently in creating new ideas that seek to improve and transform lives of those who live and work in major cities of the world.

Our vision is to be a relevant organisation that seeks to respond to City communities in addressing their needs holistically.

Heart for the City seeks to address social, economic, Educational, health and Spiritual needs of its members based on its strong Christian values.

Over the years we have developed strategies and resources that have impacted on the way we relate to our members and how that impacts on community development, social enterprise and spiritual development.

Our Sharp focus on the development of skills among Young people and the transfer of the same across the nations has opened doors in various cities of the world including, Accra in Ghana, Abuja in Nigeria, Bangalore in India, Beijing in China, Bujumbura in Burundi, Cairo in Egypt, Cape town in South Africa, Chennai in India, Baltimore, Boston, California, Delaware, Georgia, Phoenix, New Jersey in the USA, Kuala Lumpar in Malaysia, Nairobi in Kenya, Seoul In Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Holland  among others.

In the United Kingdom where our headquarters are based in Glasgow we have established strong networks in Newcastle, London, York, Plymouth, Aberdeen, Oxford, Woking Surrey, St Albans, Sheffield, Luton, Bristol among others.

In this anniversary year we hope to strengthen these links and establish new Horizons.