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Our Vision

Our Vision is to advance the Christian faith among the people of Scotland elsewhere in the United Kingdom; To enhance the quality of human life and wellbeing by developing sustainable models that create prosperity in the community, to support Diaspora Communities, asylum seekers and refugees to integrate into society, to relieve the suffering of drug and substance abusers through rehabilitation, to train and educate the socially disadvantaged.

Our Work

Since 2003 Heart for the City has had a major impact in the City of Glasgow, Scotland and further afield. Heart for the City is a non-profit organization, committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the children, Young people and families of the city communities. Special emphasis is placed on low-income neighbourhoods by creating innovative solutions to the difficult social problems that families face daily.

The need for mentors

Children, Young People and families and start up entrepreneurs need role models, who have experienced similar situations, and who can give them hope, motivation, and courage to live for something above and beyond the lure of a life of crime or dependency. The ethnic urban leader who will have the greatest positive influence in his/her own community is the person who is a healthy role model if you would like to give mentorship please email.

Mission Overview

For 13 years the message of hope has gone out to the youth and their families through Heart for the City. Our mission is holistic among the youth and their families. We have been a centre of community integration giving the Diaspora community and the refugees and asylum seekers a voice in the society, our plan is to increase community development through raising more young leaders. There is a need for a new kind of leadership in the inner cities – a need for men and women who are teaching and demonstrating by example the kind of character and values that bring purpose to life and positive direction to children, teenagers and families.